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Provider of high end offgrid solar systems for site that require remote generation to provide power where its needed. Prebuilt and post built systems available.  Most power connections from utility companies take around 10 months to connect if hardware is involved.  If you use one of our prebuilt systems you can have it in days.   Scaling up is very possible with our system and you can run almost anything.  Our standard 15kVA container will run a house with a gas stove and HWS.  If you want to run an air-conditioner you will have to add another array.  Heating and cooling use most of the power that a house requires to run.

Providing Affordable Solutions for Solar Offgrid Power

A large proportion of properties here in Australia do not have power lines running next to them or where they are required. Infrastructure costs have risen dramatically over the last 20 years and people cannot enjoy the free connection they got once upon a time.  If you live more then a few poles away from the power lines going offgrid is a viable option.


pricey power graph

Each power pole costs around 10 thousand dollars installed and around 15 thousand for your transformer pole even after the electricity company subsidies the cost.  After your connected you still have to pay a very pricey premium here in Australia thanks to government using this as a hidden tax. The only way to avoid this tax is to cut your connection from the power company or never get it in the first place. The technology is here today to make this happen through off-grid solar units.  Australia is the world leader for electricity bills.



Offgrid power Advantages

  • Off-grid systems are not subject to the terms or conditions of the local utility so you cant be dictated to, nor are system owners subjected to rate increases, blackouts, or brownouts.  If you have a cyclone go through your town and have 2 weeks without power this is when off-grid power really shines.

  • If you’re looking for property, you’ll most likely find that off-grid land parcels are less expensive. Most people aren’t ready to take on being their own utility, and the land is priced according to this value system. Being off-grid can also be a lot cheaper than getting line extended to a property.  It is also a lot quicker then dealing with the power company.

  • After the Upfront cost you don’t have power bills every 1/4 ranging from 500-2000 dollars.  Not that you get out of the upfront cost with your power company either unless you live in a subdivision.  Going off-grid can be actually cheaper then on-grid  if you live away from the power lines.

Part of the BDD Group

Based in Proserpine QLD Australia Remote generation is a trademark of BDD Electrical. BDD is a Proserpine based electrical engineering and electric contractor that provides turn key arrangements for design and construct projects aswell as cost effective custom built transformers & Electrical Contracting services including Transmission lines, High Voltage Auditing, air conditioning design and installation services . We pride ourselves on the quality of our workmanship and prepared to go the mile that is extra ensure our clients are 100% content with our results. Centrally positioned in the Bowen Basin we service the surrounding areas with Project Management, quality RPEQ certified designs and electrical installations and quality products. The target that customer satisfaction by getting exactly what they require minus the fuss. Work can either be done on location or offsite with respect to the customers needs. BDD’s’ primary focus is to provide quality, cost effective products to our customers in a fashion that is consistent with client specifications while satisfying all statutory requirements and legal duties.

Working Out Your Power Requirements

You can calculate your ’on-grid’ electricity usage by totaling your household electric meter readings over a 12-month period, add up the total kilowatt-hours (kWh) you have used, divide the total by 365 to give you the average per day, and then divide the result by 24 to give you a figure, per hour.This tells you how much electricity you would need to generate should you go ’on-grid’ and puts the generating capacities your photovoltaic cells into perspective. Its very possible to generate all the electricity that you need, even if you use an electric cooker, washing machine, tumble dryer or dishwasher by using these appliances during the day to limit the drain on your batteries. Using power during the day negates the necessary storage of energy.